Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Year 40K Apocalypse League

-Bring in a 2000pt list using the Apocalypse rules. Find a partner and battle against another team, each person with the 2000pt list. Assets must also be chosen before arriving. Everyone has to find a partner when they come in. No one will battle by themselves. If someone is without a partner, the store will provide one for you (hehehe). Terrain, no man's land, and objectives will already be set up before players arrive. This will be a short league, so we can prepare for the big one in Spring, and people can have fun with their Christmas armies and figures. All games will be a Win/Lose/Draw, based on if you obtained and kept your objectives.

-Starting date January 14, 2008 and ending February 17, 2008.

-5 Week League, $5 League Fee (Please make sure to pay your league fees when you play your first league game or before). You can play no more than 10 games, and the best of five per person will depict the winner. The more people that sign up, the more people will win. Sign ups start now.

-Call ahead to reserve a gaming table for yourself and your opponent to guarantee your space. Monday nights will be the official league night, which guarantees the most room for 40K players to schedule your games. Games played during the weekdays cannot start any later then 7pm and since there is not 6 turns in an Apocalypse games, the games must end at 10pm. Sunday games will be scheduled in two shifts, 12-3pm & 3-6pm.

-All League games must be played in the store.

-If you can’t attend a scheduled game, you must notify your opponents 3 hours in advance to avoid default. If you don't your opponents get an automatic win.

-Models must at least be assembled; all units must be represented by an appropriate model/s. If there is something in your army that is not WYSIWYG, you must inform your opponents.

-As new 40K Supplements come out, we will incorporate them into the league. You MUST have a copy of the rules with you at the game (GW Standard). This means that the New Ork Codex will be used.

-As always there will be a Sportsmanship award. Try to have fun and Happy New Year.

Any questions see Michael at All Fun and Games.

Star Wars Minis Leagues & Tournaments

Hello Minis Fans,

Prize support for the Star Wars Minis League Play and Tournaments are sponsored by Wizards of the Coast. And we would like to pass those savings onto you. So, from now on as long as Wizards of the Coast sends up prize support, we are no longer charging any fees for tournaments or leagues. We are just offering a place to enjoy playing Star Wars Minis. Just quick reminder that we have:
  • 200-Point Constructed tournament on 12/16/07
  • 150-Point Constructed tournament on 12/22/07
  • League play on Monday nights

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thursday Nights with Paul - December 6

Yes, I missed a few weeks. A couple with good reason and one with no good reason, so here's a recap:

November 15 - I missed this game night due to a family emergency.

November 22 - Thanksgiving - we were closed.

November 29 - I spent most of this night doing computer repair at the store. I did, however get to try out one new game:
  • Race for the Galaxy (Rio Grande Games) - I very much enjoyed this game. At first, it reminds you a bit of San Juan where jobs (in this case Phases) are chosen each round by the players and play proceeds according to only those phases that were chosen. However, having now played it 3 times, I can say that the build-as-fast-as-you-can strategy that is so often successful in San Juan does not work here. Instead, this game makes each building choice useful and interesting. Of course, it is Settling, Conquering or Developing in this game rather than building. All said, I really enjoy it and look forward to playing it again. 5 pips.

December 6 - Back in action, though I did only get to play two games. Here are the games that were seen on the tables.

  • Race for the Galaxy (Rio Grande Games)
  • Power Grid (Rio Grande Games) - I really enjoy this game. It's probably the only game that I *should* own, but don't. I actually wound up victorious in this 4-player game, which I think is my first time actually winning it.
  • Crazy Race (Spiele aus Tibuktu)
  • Sisimizi (Editrice Giochi)
  • Robo Rally (Wizards of the Coast)
  • Jockey (Ravensburger)
  • Aliens (Leading Edge Games)
  • Hannibal (unsure of publisher)
  • Oltre Mare (Rio Grande Games)
  • Buy Low, Sell High (Uberplay)
  • Ubongo (University Games)
  • Kung Fu Fighting (Slugfest Games)