Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Black Friday *Special Events*


Don’t want to deal with the crowds of the malls but want to get out of the house?
Are the movies not your cup of tea on overcrowded days?
Want something fun for the kids to do so you can get your shopping done?
Trying to escape from in the in-laws for a few hours?

Do you generally just like playing games!? I know I do!

Well then, you are in luck! ‘Cause here at All Fun & Games we love providing a safe fun environment for children and adults alike. Therefore we will be running tons of fun events for you whatever reason you have to get out of the house!

· Pokémon open play 10AM-2PM (Drop the kid’s off and get some shopping done!)

o Children should bring their own lunch or you can leave $5.00 for pizza and a soda provided by the store

· Magic the Gathering

o Sealed Deck 10AM ($25)

o Booster Draft at 12Noon and 2PM ($15)

o We will be holding all the normal Friday Night Magic events as well

o The common cube will be available all day long!

o Have 8 people and want to have a private tournament? We’ll run whatever you like anytime you like!

· Open Board Gaming: All day long!

o Get a chance to see if a game makes it on your Christmas wish list

o Try out a game before you get it as a gift for someone else

o Have some fun outside of the house playing new and classic games

o If you like a game we don’t have in stock, we can special order it for you! Let us know ASAP because around the holidays some products are harder to get in before the holidays!