Monday, March 19, 2012

April-June Warhammer Fantasy/40K League

All Fun and Games 2012 April-June Warhammer Fantasy/40K League:

This league is for players who have played in the slow grow league and now want to learn to master their fully fledged armies, as well as for players who have existing armies who just like Warhammer in general. The theme of this League will be Missions, which will be put out each week via email. The league’s format will be 2000-point armies. We understand some players are still getting everything glued together so it will be fine if both players decide to play with smaller lists.

The Good Stuff:

  • We are making Saturday official hobby day. Come in on Saturday’s to paint/assemble your armies here and hang out with your friends while you do it. In addition to this, on Saturday all league members will receive 20% off Citadel Hobby supplies (paints, tools, brushes, etc.)
  • For those who played in the slow grow league with a new army, the Escalation League discount will continue until May 1st of the league to help you get your army filled out.
  • For each League Game you play (win or lose) your name will be entered for drawing at the end of the League. The winner of this drawing will receive a free Dreadfleet Board Game.

The Rules:
  • The entry fee for League is $5.00. ALL of this goes towards prize support.
  • League members can play against any person in the store not just league members. If league player's are available we ask that you play against them first. League games are required to be played in the store.
  • The league will last 13 weeks (From April 2nd to June 30th). Players can play a maximum of 13 games (one per week, with makeup games permitted). After each game player players must turn in their results slip to the result bin or we won’t know you played! Please remember to put the mission you played on the slip.
  • There will be a different Mission for both Fantasy and 40K each week. These will go out in the weekly email, 2 at a time, and I will post all the old missions on our blog for makeup purposes.
  • Models should be a WYSIWYG as possible. We understand that certain models are unavailable, and there is no representation for it. We also understand that putting an army together is hard work. As such we have a proxy procedure. 1) Proxies must be the same size as the unit they are representing. 2) Players should use models that stand out from the rest of the army. 3) Proxies should be clearly explained to their opponent at the start of the game. 4) In no situation should a player use confusion over what a proxy is for advantage in game.