Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Munchkin Charity Tournament April 15th

Hosted by the Knightly order of the Fait Lux

When: Sunday April 15th at 12Noon
Entry Fee: $10- All donations go the Autism Society of North Carolina

Like Munchkin? Want to support a good casue? Well then this is your event! We will be using the Cheatin' for Chartiy rules. Come out, make a difference, stab your buddy!
This will be a daylong tournament with multiple rounds. If you've attended any of the previous charity tournaments, we will be using that same system. There will be prizes for the winner of every game and at the end of the day players will be grouped according to how well they've done during the day into a final round of games. The top winners of that round will all receive extra special prizes. Also there will be short Charity Auctions during the day where you'll be able to bid on promo items that give bonuses when playing Munchkin. It is not necessary to attend the entire event to get in on the games!

Charity Tournament Rules:
-Cheatin' for Charity - A $1 donation during the game gets you your choice of a treasure card or a door card, unless you are in combat when it costs $2.
-More Cheatin' for Charity - A $2 donation lets you re-roll a failed die roll. It goes up $1 for each additional re-roll of the same roll. You can pay double that amount to force someone else to re-roll!
-Cheatin' for Cheatin's Sake - A $5 donation will let you cheat as if you had a Cheat Card.
-Cheatin'? We'll have none o' that! - A $5 donation will cancel one Cheat Card or Cheatin' for Cheatin's Sake.

If you have questions email